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An introductory tutorial of the Southern New England Algonquian Language

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Getting Started. Some useful references...

The word 'Eenàntowash', was recorded by an English settler as meaning "Speak Indian!". Named Roger Williams, he was one of the English Protestants who, in the 17th Century, sailed from England to the Americas. He is best known as the author of a book titled "A Key Into the Language of America" which he wrote in the hope of helping other settlers to be able to communicate with the native Americans, living in that area.

Join us in "Speaking Indian" and to be able to make a true translation of this word and others. We hope to provide enough information to get you started and maybe also to have sufficient knowledge to start reading and writing it. If you already have some language proficiency, perhaps you could help us to get others going by contributing to our knowledge.

You will find lots of interesting things in learning this language, for instance, Eenàntowash translates to 'speak same' or in other words 'speak as I do', not 'speak Indian'.

There are many resources available that may help you. Here are some of them.

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