"Speak same!"

Lesson 7

Well, here we are. Already at lesson 7.

Have you been enjoying yourself? I know parts of learning a language are hard to do, especially when the language is quite different to English. Having arrived here is quite an achievement. Well done!

So, are you ready to go on and Learn some more? You want to know about verbs and start putting sentences together? I hope so.

Something New!

It has been a number of years since I first created this information website about the Southern New England Algonquian Language. Unfortunately there has been no apparent great interest to the extent that there has been a demand for more...

None the less, I have still continued in my study and have spent a great deal of time putting together tools to assist me. I produced a vocabulary containing nearly 15,000 entries of SNEA words collected from numerous sources. This was in what became a very cumbersome, printed, pile of paper. To the rescue, the modern computer and especially the database. I have taken the print version and copied it into a SQL database. Now I can search for words much more easily. To celebrate, I no longer call it a vocabulary - it is now a lexicon.

If you would like to try it you can find it here:-


Note: the database search utility uses 'regular expressions' to find information. Please read the 'help' information as to how to use it.

I have also written my grammar notes to computer and have them available on-line too. These are the result of reading from many manuscripts but mainly consists of my interpretation of Goddard and Bragden


If you have problems or need more information please contact me at turtlevt

Comments, notes about errors and encouragement are needed too! Remember, "Eenantowash!"

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